contemporary art ruhr - Die Messe
Kunsthalle Paderborn - Opening Performance
Contemporary Art Ruhr - Das Forum, world heritage Zollverein

Formula Student
Tease Art Fair Cologne
Glass Cube Leonardo, Bad Driburg

Contemporary Art Ruhr
4. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin
Art Paderborn, auvi et diversum, live performance and composition
Tease Art Fair Cologne, five days live performance

Wintersuite Paderborn, live performance
Lucky Strike Loft. Pixel Analogies - exhibition about reconverting from digitalen back to analog
three days liveAct as sonicrobot
galerie lounge libori, auvi et diversum, composition 'spotting jenny' and live performance
silent film sound recording 'Die Windmühlen', University Paderborn, live Performance
band project 'calling linus'

wellenklang festival, Paderborn

premiere with eletronic liveAct Jump@Run - Cafe Astral 2, Paderborn as Boogie Sono

2001- ...
Cologne - Purple Club
Münster - Skaters Palace
Münster - Luna Bar
Paderborn - Sappho, Capitol, R-esidenz, OX, Mango, Red Club

1999 - 2000
DJ for scratches at hardcoreband "Diatribe"
1996 - 1998
Drumm and Bass and House MC in Clubs from Minden, Münster, Cologne to Paderborn
bandprojekt 'mikrofunk', (die welt)
frontmen of "Cut the Hedge", various gigs, f.e. Henkelmannhalle Iserlon